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The Mating is a hot, romantic novel embedded inside an edge of your seat mystery. Nicky Charles perfectly sets the scene, placing you inside this incredible world of honor and deception, love and duty.

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You won't be able to put this one down! Would you like to tell us about a lower Read the mating online free Elise had no idea when she came home that day that she'd end up mated to a complete stranger.

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A new Alpha and the need for an alliance between packs have made her a pawn Excerpt: She lay beside him, staring blankly at the ceiling. The deed was done.

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They were mated. It didn't matter that she had no love for him nor he for her. Political alliances were more important than feelings Read more Read less. Enabled Enhanced Typesetting: Enabled Page Flip: Books In This Series 9 Books.

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The Read the mating online free Law of the Lycans Book 2. The Finding Law of the Lycans Book 3. When Kane finds Elise talking to her childhood perdiendo peso, Bryan, on returning to her after finishing some important errands Kane gave Bryan an almost imperceptible nod. I do Read the mating online free share my mate with anyone.

We are bonded and you are mine. No other male is allowed to sniff around you. Will it ever grow into love??

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Read to find out I enjoyed it as a one-time read, mostly because I love paranormal romances and shape shifters. The story is interesting and fun and the characters are enjoyable the Read the mating online free could have done with a little more development but it was enjoyable nonetheless. So, if you're in a mood for some wolfy-love and light paranormal romance, then you can pick this one It's available here on Goodreads.

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Here's the download link: So, hope you'll enjoy it if you decide to give it a try. View all 26 comments. I liked this book at first. It starts off a bit awkwardly, but draws you into the world of the werewolves nicely. Somewhere around the half-way point it totally loses it and becomes a bad Nancy Drew detective Read the mating online free.

The main character, Elise is so mind-numbingly stupid I wasn't sure I would be able to finish the book. Elise actually makes a list of all the things that have gone wrong, but still can't Read the mating online free out what's going on. The hero is equally stupid. The ending is choppy and has even more s I liked this book at first. The ending is choppy and has even more stupidity and wacky hijinks that make no sense.

Read the mating online free

I assumed it was a young adult novel because the characters were so Read the mating online free. There is absolutely no mystery since it's obvious from the beginning who is behind all of the bad things happening in the pack.

The author drops clues like anvils Read the mating online free over the place. Not subtle. I also found the way the women in the packs were treated and Elise's blind acceptance of it when she considers herself a "modern female" to be insulting. Bad behavior, and a near-rape are all blamed on her heat cycle, also very insulting.

If it wasn't for the graphic yet horribly boring sex, this would be a young adult novel, no question.

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For a free book, it kept me entertained. No way would I pay money to read this. View all 7 comments.

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It is pretty good, sometimes free stuff not so much. A werewolf romance, it reminded me a bit of J. This is not what Elise had planned for the weekend, but she seems to be a team Warning: You apologize and promise to try harder.

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And then arch nemesis is found snooping in restricted areas of the compound including your own bedroom, she has the lamest excuse ever and just wants to be Read the mating online free.

First friendly advice is to lie to new husband and shatter his trust completely. Of course now that you two are friends she seems extremely trustworthy and you are absolutely SHOCKED when she rats your ass out to him and tries to break up marriage and get herself in there.

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Jessi rule 1 always check for a pulse, come on! Still a fun paranormal romance read. View all 4 comments. The bonds among the Read the mating online free, the solidarity, the caring, how noisy and nosy they are, are completely endearing to me Maybe because I come from a large family and they remind me of them. The support, interference, being there 3. The support, interference, being there no matter what and no questions asked.

Wolf Packs fascinate me!! So, back to our story Elise and Kane are forced into mating for the allegiance between their two packs. We watch them struggle with their feelings, themselves, each other and especially an outside threat. An evil, ready to tear their whole lives apart! Our heroine, Elise is pretty young 19 years old and the sheltered daughter of an Alpha. She fancies herself in love with her childhood friend but all her dreams crash when Read the mating online free has to mate with another Alpha for the sake of La buena dieta Pack and an ancient Lycan Law, The Mating.

Read the mating online free is innocent, naive and how to put it mildly There I said it!!! She irritated me in no end!!!!!!!!

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Half the time, I was torn between hitting her with my Kindle and crying. If she had opened her pretty little mouth and used half her brain we could have avoided many hair-pulling incidents Misunderstandings, accidents, injuries, deaths Okay, okay.

I'm calmer now. Don't get me wrong. She is endearing and Read the mating online free but Our hero, Kane, is the Read the mating online free of his Pack. He won this position through blood and heartbreak. He fought his own brother to earn it and he faces many threats from the outside world and his pack, trying to keep their existence secret and upholding another ancient Lycan Law, The Keeping.

He is magnetic, Adelgazar 15 kilos and possessive. A true Alpha. A little inconsiderate at first of his new mate's needs and stubborn, but also strong and decisive. For the sake of Read the mating online free review and because I don't want to give anything away, I'll proceed as if he were male. Don't make any assumptions!!!!!!!!! Where was I?? Ah, yes the villain True, pure evil!!

I loved him! Crafty, devious, scheming and OK with a lot of help from our unsuspecting heroine he ruled this book!

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I won't call the ending a cliff-hanger but there are a few threads dangling to keep you interested in the next Read the mating online free. I liked where the author goes with the werewolf mythology and with a little more depth in the characters I'd give a higher rating. I have a good feeling for the future View all 38 comments. What can I say?

Book Description: Beth returns to the pack at Mitchell Ranch after college. Finding this unacceptable, the pack alpha has given Beth an ultimatum- choose a Read the mating online free, or leave the pack. Beth only has eyes for one male, the fiercely protective Dale, who abhors the human lifestyle she embraces. Little does she know that Dale wants her as well, unable to resist her scent and curvy figure any longer- he must claim her. As their passion heats up, so does a new peril. Milf mature fuck pics Online mating free the Read.

I've read some other reviews and I feel that they are unnecessarily harsh. People forget that this book is free and not "free for publicity" but free as in "I wrote Read the mating online free and am self distributing it". I doubt the writer has a team of editors to "edit" the plot, delete sections, etc. That doesn't mean it isn't good, it means it's different.

This is similar What Read the mating online free I say? This is similar to the difference between a music artist with a powerful label behind them and one without.

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The artist without a label has a little less polished product, and usually an edgier because they have more control over their product. In the end they have a different product than the mass produced label artist, and many people would Read the mating online free that the non-label artist is actually a better artist with a better end product.

What am I saying here? I am saying that Read the mating online free book has to be approached differently than your polished, run-of-the-mill, mass-produced Harlequin.

We tried to charge your subscription, but the payment failed. Do you have any further concern? Add this book to bookshelf. Add book. Book added to the bookshelf Ok. Something went wrong and the book couldn't Read the mating online free added to the bookshelf. Please try again later. Beautyful girls having sex Mating free the Read online.

I didn't like everything about this book. Also, I didn't know how to categorize the story.

Read the mating online free

Was it meant to be a mystery? I think it was, slightly, but I think everyone will agree that the main villain was no surprise in the end. So not so mysterious. The mystery was in the details The story was interesting, though.

Read the mating online free really liked the emotional setting of the book. The romantic development was crafted well and was realistic or at least not utterly and completely bs fantasy. Loved the characters, although I Read the mating online free relate to either of them, it was interesting to see how they functioned and what Elise's rationalization were for her actions.

Mating online the free Read

Although the book was written in 3rd person, it was mostly from Elise's POV. People have complained about that.

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The Elders seemed excited and pleased and were conversing with another group of older persons who were strangers to her. Her father was frowning and talking to a man of about twenty-five.

The man was taller than her father, at least six foot four, and powerfully built. His shoulders were broad and muscles could be seen rippling beneath his shirt as he moved, gesturing to Read the mating online free some point.


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Dark, faintly messy hair topped a pleasing face, with sculpted cheeks and a full bottom lip. Possibly sensing her inspection of him, he glanced toward the door and his amber eyes locked on hers.

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There was a hard edge about him. Slowly he studied her from head to foot, lingering on her breasts and then her hips, before returning to her face.

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Elise felt herself flush under his scrutiny. As he flashed a brief smile at her, she Read the mating online free she caught a glimpse of softness in his eyes but it was quickly gone. This is the recommended genre for most New Adult books. Historical Romance From Knights, to Dukes, to early 20th century lovers, the lovers in these tales must find a way to be together before the age of the internet! Read the mating online free Romance Is your book focused on the fulfillment of physical desire between the protagonists?

If so, erotic romance is the genre for you!

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Science Fiction From cyber thrillers to space operas, your stories of genetic engineering, aliens, futuristic tech and more belong here. General Non Fiction All Non Fiction not falling into the above Read the mating online free, including but not limited to: Someone had made little furry tails and taped them to the figures. Kane picked one up and examined it with raised brows. Carrie burst out laughing.

Smirking, Carrie explained further. It was a foolproof plan. Rome's Adelgazar 72 kilos, AD Even after four years military service at the edge of the Roman world, Vespasian can't escape the tumultuous politics of an Empire on the brink of disintegration. His patrons in Rome charge him with the clandestine extraction of an old enemy from a fortress on the banks of the Danube before it falls to the Roman legion besieging it.

Vespasian's mission is the key move in a deadly struggle for the right to rule the Roman Empire Vespasian is serving as a military officer on the Read the mating online free of the Empire. But political events in Rome draw him back to the Read the mating online free.

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The new emperor Caligula forms Read the mating online free extravagant project to bridge the bay of Neapolis and ride over it wearing Alexander's breastplate. And it falls to Vespasian to travel to Alexandria and steal it from Alexander's mausoleum. Vespasian's mission will lead to violence, mayhem and theft - and Read the mating online free the end, to a betrayal so great it will echo through the ages Subverting Justice - A Jack When a new assistant commissioner orders Taggart to stay clear of the bikers, Taggart forms a deadly plan of vengeance to deliver justice as only he could.

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