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Where is the link to this game, i would love to have it. Kunara on October 2,Sonic hentai listen to your heart I really think that you should put cream in the game: I loooove your game! Thank you for making it! Kinky69 on September 25,1: This a real game?

I was wondering how much you would charge for a figure?

Menu Menu. Log in. Top Bottom. Video Games Hangouts. EtcetEra Hangouts. Hide Images. Dark Theme. Beautiful girlfriend pussylicking her lover To your heart listen Sonic hentai.

I saw that zeta figure and wanted one. Crashtacular on August 24,7: Recently downloaded your game, and I gotta say, it's chewed up 12 hours of my life in a good way: And regarding the next demo or final release Sandbox Mode maybe? Hiya how are you doing?

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Wow, you're beyond talented yo! I'm not just sayin that. Props, keep it up! Sonic hentai listen to your heart on July 7, Buenaaaas, es genial tu galeria me encanta tu estilo, en serio: D Saludooooooooos!!!

RagingRogue on June 23,9: Hola, me encanta su obras de arte! BlaidTheSaiyanhog on June 5,3: Its Blaid from Sonichentai. Loves2Spooch on April 28,1: Your almost on your th pic Zeta, you got any special plans?

Sonic hentai listen to your heart

Renax on April 17,3: This is a great game. When is the full game gonna be out? RichardKT on March 31,9: Hey, Zetar? Your webpage for the games demo doesn't offer for archive versions. I was wondering if you think there's a possible chance you can offer "past" versions there as well? I'm looking for the "version 2.

Nice one btw. P I've been enjoying the demo for the last few months I've seen it up, and it really is a step up from the other games I have played. If you can help me with getting a hold of this demo version, I would be greatly Sonic hentai listen to your heart. Also, don't let the critics Sonic hentai listen to your heart you down.

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Some people mean no harm at times, and some do, but that doesn't mean you should take it all to heart so much. I may not be into vore and that myself, but, really, who cares? I'm not making this game, and, in a sense, you're not making it.

Listen to hentai your heart Sonic

As in, for yourself. I guess what I mean is, you're making it for everyone, and that's how it should be. Hoping to see more of your great work. Art, game or otherwise. Good game ZetaR I have to say, being a Sonic hentai listen to your heart myself. However, I would give it a little more variety. Ya catch my drift. I know your not completely done with it so I wont put in Sonic hentai listen to your heart more opinions until I play the next demo. Keep it up. I love your art, too, by the way. Hi Zeta.

I've read your last post and I completely agree with you on all levels! You have to just keep in mind your work is excellent, so it's pretty normal a lot of criticism to be targetted at your work. So far the work you've done is great and is meant to please anyone for its Adelgazar 10 kilos on the rapes.

To your heart hentai listen Sonic

Talking about what I'm sending this post. I can help with the grammar, but I don't know where to find neoeclipse, so I can send him a note.

Vanessa Location: Spain Mail: Popular Pictures. Boom Boo's Ritual. Rouge gets naughty. Salty Bat. Favorite Pictures Amazing bbw model taking a bath plump pussy Hentai listen your heart to Sonic.

If you be so kind to Sonic hentai listen to your heart me his contact, I would gladly help. PrincessFlowers on March 19,8: Good work.

I love SOnic porn. Krinen on March 18,3: I'm going to drive myself crazy waiting for the next demo. Go, Zeta, Go! MidnightTwilight on March 9,9: Undead-King on March 9,6: Rhadamanthes on March 7,1: Can you tell us an approximative date of the next update please? Rhadamanthes on March 8,1: MidnightTwilight on March 6,3: Hey Vanessa How Sonic hentai listen to your heart u doin? Shanos88 on March 4,7: Sorry to bother you but I can not seem to load the download page.

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Is the site down? I want to get the demo. Poisonbite01 on February 25,2: Excellent work on the game! BlaidTheSaiyanhog on February 19,4: Hello, new to this site. Found you out by following the clues that led me to the download link of this game xD.

Just sending my first post Adelgazar 40 kilos say: Keep up the awesome work xD. In a scale of 1 to 10, I give you a 20 xD.

Shanos88 on February 12, I was wondering how do I get to the demo? If you haven't yet, check out her Sonic hentai listen to your heart. The demo cover page pics have links to the demo site, which have Sonic hentai listen to your heart to the download.

Use WinRAR to un-archive them - it works best. DR on February 8,2: Played the Demo, enjoying it. Interested to know when the next version will be up. Keep up the good work. Sheki on February 5, Just finished ur demo, loved it, can't wait for the full version.

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Ravnic on February 3, Saw you on here to and I thought I should watch you here as well. KawkMastahK on January 27,4: HEy Zeta, can you post your art on my forum? And bring neoeclipse with ya.

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Any word on the next demo? Stylix on January 25, Very round, bubbly, and playful. Zlicer Adelgazar 20 kilos January 22,3: Hoyyyyy tharrr do you have any estimated time for when the next demo will come out?

Some girls like this, so I thought I would ask. Sonic hentai listen to your heart you like some cum on your personal pictures? WTH are you saying!?

Empty on February 10, I can understand that I can jack off to other people's pic, but my own pics Lauralanthalasa on December 30,9: XDD por el lotite?? Do you have AIM? Zenox on December 28,2: Darknanooki on December 27, Skyth on December 24, Hey, Zeta, haven't talked to you in a while, but I have something to ask you, and I know if this counts as a request or not since you're not doing any at the moment. I remember this one pic you did called Sonic hentai listen to your heart Inflation" where she's being surrounded by Chaos.

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Do you still have that? If you do, I'd love to see it again sometime please. Hello Zeta, I'd like to Sonic hentai listen to your heart a complaint that after downloading your game, I am unable to play it. A pop up appears after clicking on projectx. I've tried reinstalling it many time and all were in vain.

I am aware that I am not the only one having this problem. Zlicer on November 10, Any idea when the next version of the demo comes out?

I cant wait!!! Next sprite you should do is some good ole' fashioned Sonic hentai listen to your heart action. HornyPaladin on October 1,2: You have some really awesome artwork.

Upgrade on September 29, I love your game. And I love your pics, too.

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Please make more pics Sonic hentai listen to your heart Rouge or Zetar in bondage. Or make pics of blaze in bondage and helpless on ground with two dildos. ChaosSabre on September 28, Mind giving me direct link to the rapidshare or megaupload download? Coz neoeclipse always links me to the project x version 1. Trust me it doesn't make sense Dietas rapidas me either Thanks a lot for the link.

Hey where is the demo to your Sonic hentai listen to your heart game? Velkeem on September 21, Just tried demo 1 of Project X. You have greatly impressed me.

I cant wait to see Demo 2. Keep up the awesome work. Your fan base has increased by 1. Congratulations on tearing up the bandwidth cap on the site thats hosting the demo.

It just means you're doing something right! TheWielder on September 9,3: I downloaded your demo from Megaupload, and now I can't access My Documents. Or my pictures. Or anything but Internet.

Your heart to hentai listen Sonic

It gave me some Virus that makes the screen freeze and go green-grey whenever I try to open My Documents. I don't suppose you know WTF is going on??

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TheWielder on Sonic hentai listen to your heart 10,3: NVM, Figured out the virus. StormSeeker on September 5,4: Hey Zeta the Game won't work Any help? CrimsonY on September 6, Adelgazar 20 kilos have the same problem, any help guys???

StormSeeker on September 8,2: Any Help guys or Zeta? CrimsonY on December 2,9: What's going on with that? I Sonic hentai listen to your heart mind seeing the comics, if they're as good as the one-shot pics, they'll be awesome: More please! Sunabouzu on May 13,6: I'm not sure if you gave them permission, but this site is using your art: Silverbullet10 on May 6,3: Im a big fan of your work. I hope to see more like it.

Im yours and her 1 fan. Silverbullet10 on May 7, Hey me and two buddies are planning on making Sonic hentai listen to your heart porn video with Zeta and possibly other characters from sonic depending how many girls volunteer. Also any suggestions? SoaY on March 4,5: Sorry, that's my daily randomness moment. Skyth on February 8, RacerSpeedfox on January 16,4: Christopher on January 10, For some reason, it seems to have vanished into thin air, and it was a pretty kick-butt piece of erotic artwork.


Crush40 on January 7, It's my birthday today and 2 new Zeta pictures! Yay just in time!! Aderhold on January 4,5: Hey, do you have AIM or Yahoo? Sonic hentai listen to your heart on December 29, I'll never look at this show the Sonic hentai listen to your heart way again! XD Thx!! Love the work!! Great sonic art, it's worth returning for.

CodyPrower on November 28,3: Crush40 on November 26,6: Y did u stop Sonic hentai listen to your heart Your amazing! Leviath on November 9,4: DarkFury on September 22, Why are you not commenting back to people or explaning why you aren't drawing anymore?

I loved them on fanart-central, but u took them off a couple years ago. Hentaifourlive on July 8,7: Doomsquirrel on July 6,7: DarkFury on July 2,9: Have you just been busy and not drawn anything new? Please tell us if your going to keep drawning or what. Nice profile and Awesome pic, I wonder which program you use, your work are great.

DarkFury on May 19,9: When are you going to post some more new pictures? Ryan Adelgazar 40 kilos April 19,6: Ey Zeta tens emulador de dreamcast????

Heart to your listen Sonic hentai

Doomsquirrel on February 25, Hey, I don't mean to rush you or anything, but plz make some more pictures! I really enjoied Sonic hentai listen to your heart adult pic, I'm creating a website called xxxfanarthouse at xxxfanarthouse.

You will be fully credited and a link to your site or DA page will be listed on the contact page! Lloyld on December 31,3: Sonic hentai listen to your heart Dietas rapidas your work, I've seen your work all over the internets.

Macross on December 27,1: Yo Z-girl HTM on December 22,8: Hey, Zeta. May I ask you something? Crystal on December 2,5: Love the gallery you have here. PyronTH on November 21, PyronTH on November 28, ROB65 on November 21, Say I if you think Zeta is the master of Sonic hentai!

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PyronTH on November 20,3: Name's Pyron. I'm loving your work! Keep it up!

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Sonic hentai listen to your heart on November 16, Zetar your work is awesome. Otakonn on October 16, XDXD Te pille!!! ROB65 on October 12,4: This is ROB65 keep up the amazing work Zeta. Hi Zeta your one of my favorites. Zeta your latest pic got stolen by an asshole: I see it already.

Your welcome Zeta. Your my favorite artist. HitoOgami on July 31,6: Thanks for the advice: Sonic the hedgehog. I hope you still have a lot of pics.

Plus I made my own hedgehog. HOla zeta its me PB. I've seen your art on FAC and Sonic hentai listen to your heart, and I think you are an amazing artist with great potential. Keep up the good work! RisingFireXD on July 16,2: Zeta, it's me from DA, RisingSonic!

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Gallery is just as awesome here. OHhedgehog on Sonic hentai listen to your heart 28,4: It's Oudie from DA. I make sometime Sonic hentai listen to your heart art but, I not very good make in digital art MelTheFox on June 24,2: Classic Sonic is unneeded and part of me was dreading him before this game came out It want instant, but I absolutely fell in love with the music in his stages as well.

I mean, this might be one of my new favorite Eggman themes, period. To me, it sounds like this weirdly awesome amalgamation from his battle theme in Sonic 2, Advance 3, Mania's mini-boss theme, and Sonic 's boss theme. I'll never understand the comparisons to Sonic 4 with Classic's music in this game.

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There's a very distinct understanding of what makes a genuine or faux-Mega Drive sound though not necessarily Sonic-styled Mega Drive sound present in this game, and every choice in arrangement Dietas faciles very clear and deliberate compared to the former game.

This just sounds much more Sonic hentai listen to your heart, with more variable and energetic instrumentation than say, Not that I hate Sonic 4 music from a composition angle, but the notions of them being whiny or noisy or muddy are pretty warranted where that's not really the case in Forces. I'd say I'd love to hear more of this in the future, but that would likely mean bringing Classic Sonic back again which I doubt would go over well. Also Ghost Town is the best track Sonic hentai listen to your heart the game don't me.

Oh, the sound in Forces is nothing like Sonic 4, I was actually referring to the melody a bit in parts. My bad, lol, I didn't mean you.

Listen to your Sonic heart hentai

I meant other active arguments against Forces tracks that really don't amount to much more than "it's Sonic 4 again". Like what people, are we hearing the same thingggg?

Shadow Hog Member. Oct 26, I'm suspecting the Genesis music was done by Naofumi Hataya - he did a lot of the Classic mixes for Sonic hentai listen to your heartand frankly, the style reminds me a lot of his work on The Hybrid Front a Japan-only Mega Drive turn-based strategy game. It's kind of growing on me, despite me not owning Forces and not being in a huge rush to, given I have other things I wanna spend money on first.

Oct 25, 2, Shadow Hog said: This will come as a huge surprise I'm sure but I'm really not a fan at the classic music in Forces at all. Sonic hentai listen to your heart handled that trope a lot better imo, as does Mania. Some of Adelgazar 30 kilos sounds good in Forces, but the majority of it sounds like someone tried to edit Sonic 4's soundtrack to be more palatable.

Oct 25, 4, I ing you allenpergallon because you are absolutely correct.

Hentai your heart Sonic listen to

Xpike Member. Supaidaman said: Prove me wrong.

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Redhead On Moped said: Berordn Member. Oct 26, 4, Orlando, FL. Sami said: Impossible because I was actually thinking of making this exact post yesterday. Rest of Black Knight's soundtrack Berordn said: It's come up a few times in the music threads. With Me is absolutely wasted on its Sonic hentai listen to your heart game. Spoiler but for some reason people like live and learn better smh.

Your Sonic heart listen to hentai

As for Supporting me though I Sonic hentai listen to your heart leaning towards Forces, but I like both so much. Not a fan of the original though. The whole 47 second to 1: Nov 15, I wasn't caring much for it at all in the time leading up to release, but having some clean rips to listen to now, I'm actually really digging it.

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Kudos for Sonic hentai listen to your heart sounding like very authentic Genesis music for once. That said, the music sounds like it belongs to a completely different Genesis game than any Sonic title. Couldn't quite tell you what game specifically, as the one that immediately comes to mind is Shinobi IIIdespite that not being a Hataya joint and generally having more of an Asian theme to it than funk Sonic hentai listen to your heart "Ghost Town".

I guess the closest would fittingly be The Hybrid Frontthough I never did play that one. My favorite 3 vocal tracks from the series are Supporting Me Sonic Adventure 2 The later versions are fine I guess, but lose that atmospheric nature considerably so that I'm just like I like it, but the original completely poops on it.

Subconian Dreamer Member. Oct 27, 1, Australia. Terranort Member. Oct 27, My favorite vocal tracks would be: Subconian Dreamer said: You need to reply to this in order to see this content.

Anth0ny Member.

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Oct 25, 12, Randomly stumbled upon this on ebay: Anth0ny said: BlackJace The Fallen. Sonic hentai listen to your heart 27, 2, Sonic R has the best vocal tracks. Fight me. Living in the city, you know you have to surviiiiive. Sciz Member. Oct 25, 1, Plus this cover looks fucking dope so that sounded cool to me lol.

Is there a super high res version or this that's available somewhere that could be turned into wall art? BlackJace said: Sonic adventure 2 is still Sonic hentai listen to your heart favorite Vocal tracks. Sciz said: Highest res version Google comes up with is this one: As corny as they are xd. Waddle Dee Banned Member. Nov 2, 3, California. Free amature mature tube. Amateur mature ebony porn. Amateur gang bang casting painful first time.

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